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LEO Pistol mag pouch
Price: 83,00 zł

LEO universal pouch designed for carrying single secondary weapon mag or other equipment (flashlight, multitool etc.)

EDC waist pack
Price: 275,00 zł

Multi-purpose hip pouch

EDC waist pack insert
Price: 64,00 zł

Multi-purpose insert for LEO waist pack

Handcuff pouch LEO
Price: 79,00 zł

Pouch for a pair of handcuffs

Handcuffs pouch with MOLLE webbing
Price: 79,00 zł

HAndcuffs pouch mounted on the belt/MOLLE.

Holster waist pack
Price: 253,00 zł

Waist pack adjusted for gun carry

Holster waist pack insert
Price: 41,00 zł

Insert for LEO waist pack, intended for gun carry

Holster/IFAK/EDC waist pack
Price: 361,00 zł

Universal waist pack from LEO series.

IFAK waist pack
Price: 281,00 zł

First Aid Kit waist pack from LEO series

IFAK waist pack insert
Price: 71,00 zł

First Aid Kit insert for LEO waist pack

LEO Pistol mag pouch extended
Price: 94,00 zł

LEO universal pouch designed for carrying single secondary weapon or submachine gun mag, or other equipment (flashlight, multitool etc.)

LEO double SMG mag pouch
Price: 120,00 zł

LEO Pouch for two magazines for submachine gun carry

LEO Modular vest
Price: 250,00 zł

Tactical vest in MOLLE system.

LEO Modular vest Advanced
Price: 275,00 zł

IPV Tactical Vest in MOLLE system, upgraded version.

Low-profile handcuffs pouch
Price: 83,00 zł

Pouch for pair of handcuffs.

Qick handcuffs pouch
Price: 79,00 zł

Handcuffs pouch with Velcro mounting


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