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UltraThin mag pouch X3 UltraThin mag pouch X3
Price: 90,00 zł

Low profile pouch, which design is based on elastic front panel.  

LEO Pistol mag pouch extended LEO  Pistol mag pouch extended
Price: 94,00 zł

LEO universal pouch designed for carrying single secondary weapon or submachine gun mag, or other equipment (flashlight, multitool etc.)

Double SMG mag pouch Double SMG mag pouch
Price: 96,00 zł

Pouch for two submachine gun magazines

Horizon SMG mag pouch Horizon SMG mag pouch
Price: 99,00 zł

HORIZON pouch is designed to carry three 30-rounds magazines for submachine guns of 9mm caliber and similar.

Rifle mag pouch Scout Rifle mag pouch Scout
Price: 103,00 zł

Quick access pouch for 2 magazines for 5,56x45 NATO (.223 rem) cartridge - M16, M4, HK416, or Steyr AUG.

LEO double SMG mag pouch LEO double SMG mag pouch
Price: 120,00 zł

LEO Pouch for two magazines for submachine gun carry

Small EDC pouch LEO Small EDC pouch LEO
Price: 179,00 zł

First aid kit pouch from LEO series


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