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UltraThin chestrig Patrol Large UltraThin chestrig Patrol Large
Price: 299,00 zł

UltraThin Chestrig construction is based on elastic front panel.  


UltraThin chestrig Patrol UltraThin chestrig Patrol
Price: 250,00 zł

Kosntrukcję UltraThin ChestRig  oparto na elastycznej ścianie przedniej.

UltraThin chestrig Assault Large UltraThin chestrig Assault Large
Price: 299,00 zł

UltraThin Chestrig construction is based on elastic front panel.  

UltraThin chestrig Assault UltraThin chestrig Assault
Price: 260,00 zł

Kosntrukcję UltraThin ChestRig oparto na elastycznej ścianie przedniej.

Scout plate carrier Scout plate carrier
Price: 620,00 zł

Lightweight vest designed to carry ballistic plates.

Raider chest Large Raider chest Large
Price: 310,00 zł

Large chestrig

Raider chest Raider chest
Price: 260,00 zł

Lightweight chestrig.

LEO Modular vest Advanced LEO Modular vest Advanced
Price: 275,00 zł

IPV Tactical Vest in MOLLE system, upgraded version.

LEO Modular vest LEO Modular vest
Price: 250,00 zł

Tactical vest in MOLLE system.


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