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SAG-2 Two-point sling

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SAG-2 Two-point sling
SAG-2 Two-point sling
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SAG-2 tactical two-point gun sling.

SAG 2 as one of the first, if not the first, that allows fast, and most importantly, easy transfer of weapons from main to off hand. This is done by buckle located near shooter’s hand.

What is very important, it does not require moving the sling towards the neck, as in traditional slings (e.g. as in classical sling for AK). Why is it important? In the classical solutions, there have been occasions when while shooting from off hand weapon’s weight was wholly transferred to the cervical vertebrae.

The SAG-2 distributes the weight of the weapon on the back of the shooter, regardless of from which hand he shoots.

Releasing said buckle also allows convenient moving the weapon to the left hip area, for instances as using side arm.

SAG-2 was constructed in such a way as to eliminate any buckles located on the back of the shooter. This allows the sling to move freely under the backpack,  therefore sling without removing backpack works smoothly. Also wide, 40 mm webbing provides high degree of comfort.

The sling is equipped with three length adjustments:  main at the stock, an additional adjustment of the front and fast one. This allows the sling to fit each user's individual preferences.

SAG-2 silng also allows carrying the weapon on the back. Simply move the quick adjustment to the maximum position in the front, then pull to undo velcro catch, move the weapon on the back and continue to shorten to the desired length. To return to the original position, pull the puller at the buckle and move the weapon under left arm.

SAG-2 sling also allows to carry a gun on the back. It only needs to move quick adjustment fully forwards, and next to firmly pull to release Velcro limiter, move the gun to the back and shorten the sling to required length. Returning to previous position requires pulling the loop on the buckle and lifting weapon under the left arm, to the chest.

It is recommended that the rear mount SAG-2 should be located on the opposite side of the weapon stock, ‘apart from the shooter’. On the right side in the case of right-handed shooters and left for left-handers. Front mount remains unchanged. This allows weapon to be more stable. This may also positively affect the comfort of handling and use, especially during rapid fire from the off hand.

Product covered with Lifetime Warranty.

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