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SkyMarshall Covert Belt Advanced black

SkyMarshall Covert Belt Advanced black
SkyMarshall Covert Belt Advanced black
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Based upon Sky Marshall belts is used for carry a hidden weapon. Particularly useful for officers whose duties require civilian clothing.

Distinguishing features:
1. Especially designed to make sure the belt will fit well .
2. Made of elastic band with a width of 10 centimeters.
3. The belt has compartments for handgun, spare magazines, handcuffs, documents, phone and other items.
4. Special holes allow the installation of additional security holster.

Version 2.0 has additional velcro secured flaps, for items like handcuffs or phone.

Sizes are as follows (in waist):
XS – 76,00 cm
S – 86,00 cm
M – 96,00 cm
L – 106,00 cm
XL – 116,00 cm

Product covered with Lifetime Warranty.

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