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UltraThin chestrig Patrol Large

UltraThin chestrig Patrol Large
UltraThin chestrig Patrol Large
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Low profile ChestRig, which design is based on elastic front panel.  

Such construction, even with pouches loaded with magazines, make it easier to carry it hidden. After taking out the magazine, pouch gets flat and smooth on the front , which significantly reduces the chance of interference with obstacles or outer clothing, does not obscure the view and allows for easy access to items located below the vest.

UltraThin Chestrig is perfect to carry both M4/M16/H416 system magazines as well as the AK47 and derivatives. It’s also secure and convenient for other magazines such as Galil , Steyr AUG or SIG .

Magazine is held firmly , but not difficult to draw. The difference in retention between specific mags is minimal and depends more on texture and shape than the size of the magazine.

Elastic specific for tactical applications, maintains the right durability and resistance .

Elastic has a thickness of 1.2 mm and is resistant to stretching . However, we do not recommend storing magazines in pouches beside the period of use.



1. Designed to carry four assault rifle magazines and two sidearm magazines.

2. Suitable for M4/M16/HK416 , AK47 , AK74 and derivatives , Steyr AUG , Galil and SIG .

3. Empty pouch does not stand out, does not get in the way of obstacles and does not impede access to the space under the pouch .

4. X-shaped braces can very good distribute the weight of equipment, do not rub against the neck of the user and during movement.

5. Made from 1000D Cordura , elastic with a thickness of 1.2 mm and a polyamide webbing.

Product covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

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